Protects and keeps my car cool……

Protects and keeps my car cool……
I like to protect not only my family from harmful UV Rays but my car’s interior as well and so when I seen these I had to order them. I don’t have to worry about my interior being sun damaged any longer.

Car Windshield Sunshade comes in a complete set of 6 sunshades that cover your entire cars windows. They are made of HDPE material (Silver coated polyester) and its tough,chemical resistance, anti-aging, and will not tear . It is waterproof as well. It’s breathable Anti-UV helps keep your vehicle cool and damage free which is great. Who wants to pay a high price for a car only to notice the sun has damaged the interior? I keep my car inside the garage to protect it from the sun when I am at home and this set protects it when I go somewhere and have to leave it exposed to sun. The shades come in a neat little bag and when you take them out they pop open instantly and when done with them they fold down easily to 1/10th original size for compact storage which is great. They take up no room at all. The set comes with suction cups that you use to hang the sunshades on which are easy to use and install. You can take them off when needed and they will not harm your cars windows. If you take the time to put these shades up when you are parked in the sun they will protect your car and keep it cooler. The only thing that I can see that might improve is making them see through where you can leave them up all the time.

I am satisfied with this product and recommend it. Protects your car from harmful UV Rays while keeping it cooler inside.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. These opinions are my own.

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